About Shannon Stirnweis

Housecall - SOLD

"Housecall" was a Silver Medal winner in the Western Artists of America exhibition in 2009. Shannon was also awarded a silver medal for drawing in 2007 and a bronze in 2006. He also received an Award of Merit for ten consecutive years in the Annual Illustrators Exhibition.

For subject matter in his gallery pieces Shannon chose to paint Native Americans, North American Wild Life and the lands of which they inhabit. He was perhaps influenced by reading much of H Rider Haggard and, Edgar Rice Boroughs coupled with seeing John Ford/John Wayne movies during his youth. Shannon developed a love of painting adventure in the natural world and of solitary men facing the elements, which has become a persisting theme throughout most of his work. He Breaks the adventure theme with softer paintings of period children often accompanied by animals. This direction may have been motivated by his four year stint painting the covers of Harlequin Books every month during the early 90s.

How it is to be painted can be critical as what you paint for a gallery painter. It becomes you trademark and identity. After much experimentation Shannon arrived at a way of working that combines the work Tamera DeLempicka and the lithographs of Seurat, among other influences. It hopefully encompasses both softness of brushwork and a feel for positive and negative space, yet it is realistic enough to retain it's humanity, a feel of reality.

Shannon has had three one man shows. His first at the Society of Illustrators in 1989 was the "Wild Show," Wild Women (Harlequin Romance Covers), wild West (Western paperback covers and gallery peices), Wild Animals (from Field and Stream and a series of Unicover First Day). At the jaffrey Civic Center his second show was the 20 Harlequin paperback Romances, balanced with the 20 western Paperback covers. The end of the room had sixteen stylized illustrations. His most recent biographical exhibition in 2015 also at the Civic Center was, "80 Years (more or less) Behind the Brush," Shannon showed more than 100 pieces of each stage of his career and 50 tear sheets on photos of unavailable art.

Shannon's biography may be found in walt Reed's Illustrator in America 1880-1990 and 200 Years of American Illustration and the Samual's Contemporary Western Artists and Marquis's Who's Who in America, and Who's Who in American Art.

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